About Us

Karl Sexton established Quasar Management (QM) as a Limited Liability Company upon his retirement from the United States Army after 31 years of service with the majority of his career in the 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) as a green beret. In addition to the consulting and project management services provided by the company he established K7 Ammo as a wholesale ammunition company.

K7 Ammo imports high quality ammunition and firearms from FAME S.A.C. a major military factory of defense articles and equipment located in Lima, Peru.

The company encountered tremendous growth in the first year and has expanded into the acquisition of a wide range of medical supplies, and personal protective equipment. Additionally, QM has unique acquisition capability of diesel generators, alternators and starters across the spectrum of defense, maritime, and commercial requirements.

To promote overall mental and physical resilience during the difficult times associated with the pandemic, Karl started Team Quasar Endurance Racing. The team will compete in their first event this fall when they seek to complete the Muncie, IN Half Ironman race.

QM and K7 are committed to the values of freedom, individual liberty and defense of the U.S. Constitution. De Oppresso Liber

In The Press

April 9, 2021

The Peruvian Fame sells four million cartridges to two US companies